Says Fernando Pessoa, "The man dreams, work is born".
The idea of the Museum of Magic appeared in the September 23, 2016. Before the withdrawal is unforeseen a
Museum of Toys at a party dedicated to children (Precisely on the day of the opening of the initiative),
thought to be an immediate solution to fill the space left vacant with objects of magic, which both
excite the kids." Good Idea! We could call you the Museum of Magic". And thus, the idea that catapulted the dream.
In the weeks that followed, the project began to rapidly outline: register was created in the
the brand and logo "the Museum of Magic Portugal", the page facebook, and have been and continue to be made numerous acquisitions, of unquestionable value, with the aim of giving the Museum of Magic and a collection rich in that refers to the amount, variety and rarity of the pieces that make it up.
Currently, the Museum, with authentic treasures from the magic national, even international, including books, magazines and manuscripts, photographs, posters and hoardings(many of them autographed).objects, artefacts, and apparatuses magical, without forgetting the broad collections of big names in the magic world. Are the names that will be perpetuated in time thanks to the hard, but pleasurable and fruitful work of research, collection, preservation and dissemination of true
relics that have passed and will incorporate the heritage from a Museum of high national interest.
Working in temporary premises, the dream day after day becomes a reality. Missing only the space. The right space where the Museum of Magic can work as is conceived: Dynamic, Interactive, Versatile, where the visitor feel like an actor, an active part of the scenario, and not a mere spectator. The so-called "Living Museum".
"To perpetuate and share the achievements of our magical Portuguese, without exception, that is, from the beginning , the mission"
A heartfelt thank you to all those who have believed in the dream and contributed to the achievement. THE WORK, THAT IS ABOUT TO BE BORN!

Catarina Magalhães

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Since ancient times, the arts of entertainment were the queens for this world.
In Portugal being no exception, have a set of artists, magicians have been leaving a legacy, which if carries up to the present day. Our function will be to save this Story.