The Museum of Magic Portugal, has an important national and international collection. From the collection belonging to the Museu da Magia Portugal, there are important literary works, unique devices, photos and iconic posters and much more.

Fernando Pessoa says that "Man dreams, work is born". The idea of the Museum of Magic emerged on September 23, 2016. In view of the unexpected abandonment of a Toy Museum at a party dedicated to children (Precisely on the day of the opening of the initiative), an immediate solution was thought to fill the space left vague with magic objects that kids are so excited about. "Good idea! We could call it the Museum of Magic". And so the idea came up that catapulted the dream. In the weeks that followed, the project quickly began to take shape: the registration of the brand and logo "Museu da Magia Portugal", the facebook page, was created, and countless acquisitions of unquestionable value were and continue to be made, with the aiming to provide the Museum of Magic with a very rich collection with regard to the quantity, variety and rarity of the pieces that compose it. Currently, the Museum already has authentic treasures of national, even international, magic, among books, magazines and manuscripts, photographs, posters and posters (many of them autographed) .Objects, artifacts and magical devices, not forgetting large collections of great names in the world. world illusionism.

These are names that will be perpetuated in time thanks to an arduous, but pleasurable and fruitful work of research, collection, preservation and dissemination of real relics that have passed and will now incorporate the heritage of a Museum of high national interest. Operating in temporary facilities, the dream day after day becomes a reality. Only space is lacking. The right space where the Museum of Magic can function as it is designed: Dynamic, Interactive, Versatile, where the visitor feels like an actor, an active part of the scene and not a mere spectator. The so-called "Living Museum". "Perpetuating and sharing the achievements of our Portuguese magicians, without exception, this has been the mission from the beginning" A sincere thanks to all those who have believed in the dream and contributed to making it come true. THE WORK, THIS, IS ABOUT TO BE BORN! Catarina Magalhães

Since ancient times, the arts of entertainment have been queens throughout this world. In Portugal, not being an exception, a group of artists who left a legacy, which continues to this day, stood out. Our job will be to keep that History.

Informação pessoal para reserva

Segundas/Terça/Quartas/Sextas/Domingo (Marcação a grupos com mínimo de 10 visitantes*)
Quintas-Feiras inicio da visita às 17:00
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Informação dos bilhetes
Descubra o verdadeiro tesouro das artes mágicas o único Museu da Magia em Portugal.
Relíquias raras de valor incalculável, com uma exposição acima de 10.000 peças.