Magic is a science, an Art that enchants even the most Skeptical of ordinary mortals. Its origin and history finds its roots in different eras and civilizations. The Museum of Magic Portugal outlined a set of stages as a development strategy: - Preserving and disseminating this art, as it was what gave rise to the Museum of Magic Portugal. - Bring together the possible collection of the Portuguese and worldwide Magic Society, make known to the public, such important pieces of art and literature. - To present the evolution of Portuguese magicians and magicians and also of magicians of world importance. - To present interactively the evolution of national magic and the magicians who left their legacy, preserving and sharing their History. - Allow the visitor to know the history of Portuguese Magic and its stakeholders, its history, its contribution to enrich the art of Illusionism. - Recognize and make known the important Historians and Researchers of the History of Portuguese Magic Miguel Ângelo - Director of the Museum of Magic Portugal
Descubra o verdadeiro tesouro das artes mágicas o único Museu da Magia em Portugal.
Relíquias raras de valor incalculável, com uma exposição acima de 10.000 peças.